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As a member, you will have a chance to assist in changing the face of human resources by helping to build standardized ways to measure the performance of human resources. You can participate by proposing new metrics, leading and joining committees, providing feedback on proposed metrics, voting to certify proposed metrics, and sharing your own metrics knowledge and experiences. You will gain access to our member area and receive a FREE HR Metrics Dictionary & Toolkit to help you along your journey.

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We are a free resource for Human Resource Professionals. If you are looking to be empowered by implementing performance measurement then this is the place for you. You'll find like-minded individuals ready for the challenge as well.

For HR Professionals there is no cost for Contributor Membership. Get started today!

For more information on Contributor Membership or Individual 3rd Party Membership please see below.

Our member directory is made up of individual HR Professionals and third parties that sell products or services to HR Professionals.

Everyone in the directory has one thing in common - their interest in changing the face of human resources through metrics.

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Our mission is to change the face of human resources by standardizing human resource performance measurement.

Through a community open to both HR Professionals and third parties, our work is done by committees and knowledge sharing.

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