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If you are committed to human resource performance metrics, we invite you to join HumanResourceMetrics.org. As a member, you will have a chance to assist in the future of human resources by proposing new metrics, leading and joining committees, providing feedback on proposed metrics, and voting to certify proposed metrics. You will also gain access to our member area. HumanResourceMetrics.org currently offers the follow types of membership: Contributor, Contributor (Third Parties), General (Third Parties), and Charter (Third Parties).

Contributor - FREE
Learn more about Contributor Membership.

Individual Contributor (Third Parties) - $150 Annually
Learn more about Individual Contributor 3rd Party Membership.

General (Third Parties) - $2,500 Annually
Learn more about General 3rd Party Membership.

Charter (Third Parties) - $10,000 Annually
Learn more about Charter 3rd Party Membership.

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