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Committees are utilized to further our mission and objectives. Without them, very little could be accomplished. The collective wisdom of committee participants ensures that we do the best job possible to develop, refine, standardize, teach, and implement human resource performance metrics. Joining our committees requires a time commitment of 2-5 hours monthly. Monthly committee progress is communicated to all of our subscribers and members in our email newsletter. Annual progress and face-to-face meetings are conducted twice a year at our Metrics Summits. If you are interested in learning more about joining to contribute to one of the working committees, please contact us.

Current Committees

Metrics Refinement Committee

Focus - refining existing 4 metrics (time, quality, efficiency, & satisfaction)
Goal - one material improvement in existing metric

Metrics Certification Committee

Focus - refining the existing individual certification program & developing a third party certification program
Goal - three material improvements in existing certification program and complete list of third party certification criteria

New Metric Committee

Focus - researching & developing new metrics for introduction to the board and members/subscribers of HumanResourceMetrics.org 
Goal - one new area of focus for metric development monthly & full development of one new metric annually for ratification by HumanResourceMetrics.org Board & members/subscribers
Committee Chair - Michael J. Novak, Senior Analyst, Internal Revenue Service

Metric Tools Committee

Focus - refining the existing Human Resource Metrics Reference Guide as well as suggest & develop other useful tools. 
Goal - two material improvements to the existing Human Resource Metrics Reference Guide to be published twice a year

Metric Promotion & Adoption Committee

Focus - identifying opportunities to promote metrics and ways to gain greater adoption /implementation of metrics.
Goal - develop 2007 metrics promotion plan/schedule and a case study library of at least 6 organizations/individuals that have adopted the use of Human Resource Metrics.
Committee Chair - Jeff Becker, HR Senior Consultant, Allstate Insurance Company

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