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Contributor Membership

As a contributor, you will have a chance to assist in the future of human resources by proposing new metrics, leading and joining committees, providing feedback on proposed metrics, and voting to certify proposed metrics. You will gain access to our member area and receive a FREE HRMetrics Toolkit & Dictionary. Keep your information current and you will continue to receive the FREE HRMetrics Toolkit & Dictionary each time an updated version is published (currently twice a year).

Membership and all its added value benefits are FREE because of the generosity of our sponsors. When signing up, please include your full information and select at least two areas of interest where you will receive information and offers based on your choices. We also urge you to view our Sponsor Library.

Please note that Contributor Members cannot provide third party services to Human Resource professionals. See our Contributor 3rd Party Membership page if you provide third party services to Human Resource professionals.

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