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Without volunteers very little could be accomplished. The collective wisdom of committee participants ensures that we do the best possible job to develop, refine, standardize, teach, and implement human resource performance metrics to share with everyone. Be part of the solution and join today.

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As a volunteer on one of our committees, you'll have an opportunity to change the face of human resources. Joining our committees requires a time
commitment of 2-5 hours monthly. Monthly committee progress is
communicated to all of our subscribers and members in our email newsletter. Annual progress and face-to-face meetings are conducted twice a year at our Metrics Summits with all that can attend.

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See what's going on with our committees. Give your input, post documents, or make comments.

Our committees are aligned with our goals - to standardize human resource performance metrics. If you want to be part of the solution, join today. Our goal is to have a working committee for every HR Function.

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